Our greatest strength is our integrated approach. In our research we bring to bear the best of both conventional and innovative drug discovery techniques.

  • We pioneer fragment- and structure-based methods in the context of a full drug discovery capability with six development candidates since 2009
  • The majority of our scientific team has worked together for more than a decade - allowing us to build a strong, interdisciplinary team with extensive experience of developing and applying SBDD and FBDD methods
  • We pragmatically adapt and apply the most effective methods
    • Extensive use of biophysical methods to validate fragment binding
    • Developed new NMR and SPR methods for fragment evolution
  • We have extensive experience in tackling challenging targets
    • Success with difficult targets e.g. protein-protein interactions
    • Rapid assessment of the potential of targets for drug discovery

Continuing research collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies endorse our strengths.  Vernalis scientists are influential world figures in fragment-based discovery, speaking regularly at major conferences and with many widely cited publications.

Latest News

Servier and Vernalis plc announce achievement of 3 milestones in their oncology drug discovery collaboration

Servier and Vernalis plc are pleased to announce the achievement of two research milestones and one clinical milestone in their oncology drug discovery collaboration, triggering a total payment of €2 million to Vernalis.

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